Your engagement party is a nice prelude to your wedding. It’s possible that you are not getting married soon after the engagement. It doesn’t matter actually when you are getting married. The pre-wedding parties like engagement or pre-bridal shower – are to be so remarkable that you can remember it with lots of memories throughout your life. But often the bride to be or would be groom make silly mistakes in their decisions regarding the arrangements of engagement parties. Maybe you can learn on your own and improve your flying ability.

We have listed some of these common mistakes which you should avoid while arranging your engagement party. Sit back and relax. Just read once.
1. Going for the engagement rings in the last moment: God knows why people do this mistake. The very essential part of your engagement party is the charming ring. Your bride will be waiting to have the beautiful ring which you have chosen for her. Whether you have chosen the solitaire engagement rings, or yellow gold rings or a red ruby – just purchase it beforehand, at least two months ago. Make sure the style is liked by your bride and suits her taste. The size of the ring must be perfect for her finger. If at the last moment you find that the ring is not perfect for her finger, it is assured that your engagement ceremony is going to be ruined

2. Choosing a ring which you can hardly afford: This is not impressive actually. A very expensive ring may keep your bride too happy. But after knowing that it is out of your budget, she is going to appreciate it. Solitaire engagement rings are liked by the brides, but they are obviously expensive. So if you can’t afford that, go for a beautiful and affordable one.

3. Not hiring a professional photographer: Your engagement ceremony is going to be repeated again and again. So hire a professional photographer to deal with the photography in your engagement party or UAV Aerial photography services. Don’t indulge your family members, relatives or friend as the photographer in your engagement party. There is a possibility that certain and cherishing shots with your friends or sisters may be missed by them. This will stain the relationship between you. So cut off this possibility at beforehand and hire the professional photographer. Tell him/her all your needs and requirements, so that the engagement photography can be a perfect one. What kind of photos you need and which style you like – have the discussion first.

Avoid the common mistakes and make your engagement perfect.

Life passes you by with the blink of an eye and in many cases, life’s most precious moments will pass you by without you even realizing it and you may even forget those precious memories as time goes by if you do not take time to capture them and keep them forever timeless. In the past, people were not so concerned about preserving precious memories due to lack of easy access to photography and videography equipment and as a result, we may only have seen one of two picture of our parents weddings, may be one picture if we are lucky of our grandparents wedding and that is indeed a sad thing.

Modern memory keeping

Today however, times have changed significantly and as a result we are seeing young people capturing every single moment, even the insignificant ones due to ease of access to a camera. Every phone today is enabled with a camera and it makes it so much easier to capture those precious memories and those sometimes, insignificant moments that may be special to us when we look back on them many years later. Think of that job interview that you are going to that may not be exactly a memory that you may consider important enough to capture; yet, you take a minute to capture a selfie in front of the office you are entering just because everyone does this. Ten years down the line when you are becoming manager of the company, that picture may be worth its weight in gold. Today, young people are taking the time to capture memories of everything just because they do not know what will one day hold significance in their hearts. While in the past, you may never have seen a picture of your mother pregnant with you, today professional pregnancy photography is very much a thing and this is an amazing thing because one day these babies will be able to enjoy the pictures of their mother carrying them in their bellies.

If you have recently given birth or if you are expecting a baby soon, another amazing thing you can do is to hire a newborn photographer to capture those most precious of moments. 

During those moments when you are about to give birth or when you have just given birth, you and your partner alike are likely to be too overwhelmed and too tired to actually enjoy the moment in all its glory and the chances are that you and your partner are not going to remember the details of these moments because you are too overwhelmed.



A marriage is going to be one place where people are always going to be enthusiastic about the pictures of the proceedings which are going to be taking place because it will be a reminder of the good times which people had. Since everybody is going to be extremely busy in having a good time. It is going to be absolutely unwanted that somebody should be entrusted with the task of having to take pictures which are going to be of good quality. But that does not necessarily have to be the case. It is always possible to hire the help of professionals who are going to be entrusted with the duty of documenting each and every proceeding that is taking place. They are going to be paid a nominal amount of money in exchange for their services and that should end up being of the best possible quality.

For the informal people

It is not necessary that everybody is going to be enthusiastic about having their pictures taken in the most formal setting that is going to be presented to them. By some who would like to be extremely informal and that is why you would find it extremely lucrative to invest in something that would be along the lines of wedding photo booth hire in Melbourne.

Everybody can have their turn

As far as having the pictures played by the official cameraman is concerned, people are going to have to wait for the turn in order to have him arrive at the particular scene. But for those who are getting impatient and cannot wait to have their pictures taken, the wedding photo booth is going to be the best possible choice for them. They can simply just get into it and have as many pictures as they feel taken. For cheap and fun photo booth rentals, just visit this page

The art of privacy

It is obvious that people will have to behave in a very dignified manner when the proceedings of the marriage are going to be taking place. However, the secluded option is going to be somewhere the most amounts of emotions is going to be captured because people will be able to express their emotions freely since there is not going to be anyone who will be wanting to supervise them.

Unlimited shots

There should be no restrictions with regard to the number of features which can be taken the stand. That would end up being quite a damp squib if people want to find themselves restricted with regard to the number of clicks. The unlimited funds would be best to look forward to. Additionally, you may also consider the option of printing the images and gifting it to the guests.

Unlike the good old days of producing movies, times have changed. Movie directors are having a hard time due to shrinkage of the industry’s ideas and the strike of the technological revolution which overtook the movie theatres and made recreated them as podcasts and online streaming videos. Today, the problems that have occurred in the movie industry has become so tragic that the industry itself has become a typical horror movie or rather a sad family movie. The reasons for such a statement can be identified as follows;

The Technological Revolution The technological revolution has left the production houses clueless about the next big thing in the movie industry because of the fact that technology is has become more common in the market place and obviously has got available freely in the market and as a result the movie production has become more common than the target audience. The only solution which was found with regard to this issue was that the movie producers should have a clear vision as to the concept of the movie and sell the genre to the audience rather than the drama or the story behind it. For detailed info check corporate videos in Sydney

Industry’s Bankruptcy in Ideas The industry has been running out of ideas and thoughts for better movie concepts lately and as a result the industry has become quite difficult on themselves. The audience is looking for quite a lot of entertainment from the theatre although the movie industry has been failing like crazy while the apps industry has been booming and giving creativity after creativity and today the world of apps have given almost everything the digital world could do to the market. However, the use of apps increased widely and have showed more potential and capacity which technically should be seen from the film industry.

Home Entertainment Moving to a Different League It is quite astonishing that the technological revolution has evolved so much that today, there are way more than 25 Americans with 3D TVs and the most trending cinema screens have also taken the face of digital screens which have changed the way movies were screened and today everything has been limited to the click of a button. Movies and copies can be simply emailed to cinemas where they could be stored in the hard drives of the digital screens. Today the production houses in powerful countries are operating in a different league and which as a result demands the right type of technological advancements in the movie industry as well. Just like TV channels and broadcasters are looking for 3D content, movie producers should also give the demanded technology which has become quite of a problematic situation today. Check out more at explainer video in Sydney

Looking at the above discussion it’s quite clear that the world is moving to a particular direction while the movie industry is having a difficulty in keeping up with it.

Outdoor ceremonies can be tricky to organize, since the venue is more unpredictable and harder to keep control of. However, with proper planning, you can ensure a successful and memorable event that proceeds smoothly. In order to ensure the success of the event, you will first need to take your goals for the event into consideration. Make sure that you implement solutions that are geared towards making these goals into a reality, and that you do not simply throw everything at the event and hope something will stick. With these considerations in mind, here are some ideas on how to plan an outdoor ceremony.

Hire professionals to document the proceedings

If the occasion happens to be something as memorable and important as a wedding, you will need to ensure that any documentation of the proceedings is of high quality. If you cannot guarantee that an amateur can record the event properly in the challenging lighting conditions, you will need to hire a cinematic wedding videographer or a photographer for the purpose that assured an affordable service.

A cinematic wedding videographer can give a fully engaged portrayal and more extensive of the proceedings, so make sure that you book these services well in advance. The lack of professional documentation might be disastrous for the memories of such an important occasion, so it is crucial that this service is at the top of your list during planning.

Effective lighting

An outdoor event will require more effective lighting options, given the environment, so make sure that you consider this well in advance. The mood and atmosphere of an outdoor event will depend on the lighting, so make sure that you take careful notice of your requirements vis a vis illumination for the occasion. For a better outcome, lighting does not have to be merely functional; it can have a splendid aesthetic effect as well. For this purpose, you can incorporate lighting into your décor, and include elements such as paper lanterns or garlands entwined with florals. Additionally, you can play around with shapes of the lighting fixtures as well as the color and intensity of the lights in order to convey the perfect mood upon the event.

Include effective florals

An outdoor event might not need more florals and greenery, given its setting, but effectively deploying this element of décor will make your setting even more arresting in a visual aspect. When it comes to florals, you have the option of experimenting with colors and deciding whether you would prefer the décor to blend in with the surroundings or whether you would like the décor to stand out. Whichever you decide, this element of planning your event will also need careful consideration.